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Determining The Right Air Compressor Distributor For Your Business

Selecting the correct air compressor distributor can be a confusing and difficult undertaking for businesses in the industrial and mechanical space. In the face of these difficulties, however, it is critical to remember the importance of compressed air as a utility that keeps key processes and equipment operating at peak performance.

With the following tips in hand, you are equipped with the right questions to ask and factors to consider to choose the ideal air compressor distributor for you. (more…)

Tips To Improve Your Organization’s Lead Times

Online shopping remains the most safe and convenient way for customers to shop amidst COVID-19 restrictions. As the number of consumers refusing to visit physical retail locations increases, online order fulfillment responsibilities of smaller retail organizations become much harder to manage. While these smaller online retailers struggle, more and more consumers are receiving quality shipping times from Amazon as a result of their prime shipping options. Regardless of the quality of products Amazon offers, their shipping speeds can be a very convincing selling point to customers. This can lead to less business for smaller online retailers competing with Amazon. (more…)

Unique Opportunities Made Possible Through Vendor Relationships

One thing business owners and managers have come to realize is that the most critical aspects of their businesses’ operations will cause the majority of their stress. An organization’s employees, customers and vendors provide incredible value to an organization; but, these same assets will also act as the greatest threat. Without these necessities, businesses would immediately crumble. While there’s no magic wand to your businesses’ troubles, the resource accompanying this post is a wonderful starting point. The infographic acts as a strong base point to learning how to establish a long-term vendor base that can be a competitive edge for your business. (more…)

Reducing Environmental Impact Through A Closed-Loop Economy

As more and more businesses are opting into green initiatives, the closed-loop economy model and the many benefits that stem from it has become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, for many business owners and managers unfamiliar with this model, it can be difficult to incorporate into their business operations. For those businesses struggling, this post and the infographic featured alongside it should serve as great information on how the model functions and the ways it can positively impact your business. (more…)

The Impact Of Remote Patient Monitoring

The evolution of technology has had an immense impact on our lives, but one industry in particular has seen major improvements as a result of technological advancements: the health care industry. These advancements have vastly improved the manner in which health care providers administer care to their patients. One of the most obvious examples of this is the industry’s adaptation of telemedicine. Telemedicine’s capabilities allow health care professionals to provide quality care to their patients without routine physical visits through a practice known as remote patient monitoring (RPM). (more…)

Founding A Company Culture Dedicated To Accountability

One of the most important cultural values for businesses to prioritize is accountability. A business and its employees’ accountability has an immense impact on how successful that business can be. This is made possible through employees willing to take that extra step and reach higher levels of productivity to contribute to their organization. This post will provide a more in-depth look at this corporate value and how organizations can develop and promote it.

Research conducted recently has indicated that the capability of managers to hold employees accountable is a necessary skill for the position. However, about 80% of managers’ report they possess “little to no” ability to meaningfully keep their employees accountable. (more…)

VPN Alternatives For Improving Cybersecurity

If your business has failed to implement a VPN for any number of remote employees currently staffed, you should consider doing so immediately. Virtual Private Networks provide organizations with the utmost security from targeted cyber risks such as hackers, data breaches and various surveillance. While VPNs are not a foolproof tool, they certainly put organizations in a much securer spot than those without them. With that being said, though, the wrong VPN can actually harm organizations through an increase of security risks they’re failing to be protected by. (more…)

Omnichannel Strategies For Your Retail Organization

As you’ll notice from this post’s featured infographic, retailers have a much stronger likelihood of re-selling to an existing customer (60% to 70% chance) than they do selling to a newer one (5% to 20% chance). This is a trend seen industry-wide in retail, yet year-over-year, these organizations continue to invest most marketing and advertising budgets on campaigns targeting new customer acquisition.

How can so many retailers’ marketing and advertising strategies be overlooking such an integral part in both their success and return on investment? (more…)