The Importance of API Testing

Application programming interface (API) is software which allows services and applications connect to each other. They give the interface which helps data and logic transfer between different software and hardware systems.

For instance, a mobile banking app works with an API to gain access to your phone’s camera to help you capture a picture of a check and also deposit into your bank account distantly. Without having APIs, the smooth digital connections we use every single day with our smartphones, computers, TVs, as well as other devices, might not be possible. (more…)

El error 500, uno de los errores más comunes de Linux

El error 500, también conocido como el “Internal Server Error”, es uno de los errores más comunes que pueden surgir cuando se está navegando por internet. Este tipo de error generalmente se produce cuando hay un problema con el servidor del sitio web.

Muchas causas un error genérico

El error 500 siempre se un error genérico. Existen muchos tipos de causa. En ocasiones el administrador del servicio activa el registro de errores depurado o debug.

Esto indica claramente cual es el error al que se esta enfrentando, pero muchas veces el error genera una salida que no se sabe cual es el problema.

El error también puede ocurrir si hay un problema con la codificación o el script del sitio web. En algunos casos, también puede ser causado por un problema con la base de datos del sitio web, permisos, archivo htaccess etc. (more…)

How Can You Benefit from Facial Expression Detection Software?

Facial expression detection software has been gaining increasing popularity among both smaller and enterprise level companies from all over the world. As the name itself suggests, the technology makes it possible to determine basic feelings and emotions of people. What exactly is face emotion detection and how can you benefit from it?

Face emotion detection – what is it?

Face emotion detection is the process of using artificial intelligence to detect human emotions and non-verbal responses to various messages. Such emotion analysis helps companies to check if their products or services meet the expectations of the target group. The process is conducted with the use of face detection technology that makes it possible to evaluate the sentiments on a human face and gather information concerning real-time human responses. (more…)

Remote IT Support Services to Save Time and Money

Remote IT service is the next technology solution in the world of IT support. Remote access allows computer experts to service computer systems from a different place by means of phone, Internet or even desktop access software. The specialist will then do activities like fix and maintenance without needing to visit the location.

Even hardware problems like external devices not working can be fixed simply by remote phone support to check whether all units are connected correctly through the right ports.

A Multi-functional tool
Another crucial aspect of remote IT service is its simple feasibility; jobs from simple troubleshooting to difficult ones like data backup can be handled by means of remote access. Most computer system repair service companies enhance their remote access solution with on-site help support in which a technician goes to the areas when needed. (more…)

Gamification – Effective Technique to Increase Engagement in Business

Who doesn’t love to play or even get rewarded for every single victory and task achievement? Adding gamification to all or any kinds of industries can help businesses to entertain all their potential customers and employees. If you are interested to add gamification to your platform or marketing campaigns, you can check Smartico.ai and you will get more information on gamification, how it works and also how it can benefit your business.

What is Gamification?
Gamification is about putting the mechanics of the game within the non-gaming environment or even business website, online advertisements, education management or boosting participation. The main purpose of adding gamification to any kind of industry is to build relationships with customers, investors, employees to motivate them to use the particular services. (more…)

Docurex – A reliable Dataroom Service

Virtual Data Rooms, generally known as deal rooms or even data sites, are online repositories of information, which is often used for storing and also allocation of documents. In many situations, Virtual Data Rooms are usually used to process some documents during a loan syndication, essential accounting, real estate and legal transactions. This process has traditionally utilized a physical data room to store the documents. Virtual Data Rooms are usually affordable, secure, and also extremely effective and efficient. This is why they have greatly replaced the traditional physical data rooms.

You will find new software like Docurex that allows your documents to be submitted in a prearranged method, and then let the other parties all over the world to access such documents in a easy, protected, and fully auditable way. Nowadays, the merchant banks, leading banks, private banks, merger teams, and also accountants are making use of these Virtual Data Rooms. (more…)

Which tool is used as a part of the test management platform?

The year 2022 came with many big updates from the software industry. From DocPath developing a new document management solution for the telecom industry to OnePlus coming with the foldable software Google.

Many software’s keep on releasing the latest version. A lot of time is taken to keep all the software bug free. You need professional test case management tools that can take care of your automation and streamline the test management process.

Basically, a test management tool simplifies the testing activities like managing the requirement and creating test cases. 

Take a look at control gear assist improvement teams manipulate, song, and keeping their software program assessments. Not like software checking out gear or check automation software program, test control software isn’t designed to run software assessments themselves.  (more…)