Consider Glass Doors to Complete Your Desired Home Look

Whether you are furnishing an old or new home, there are often decoration choices that people don’t always consider. Glass doors are one of those updates that can go overlooked, but might just be a key component to completing the look you are hoping to achieve along with the safety you desire. That is where https://glassdoorspecialist.com can assist at making your dream a reality. Glass Door Specialist has a commitment to serve its customers with top quality glass doors that are affordable and safe. (more…)

TUBBR – The World’s First Personal Social Network

kjhgfTUBBR is a new social networking app which is available for iOS and android. TUBBR can be your favorite social networking app in which you can share your stories with selected people or even groups of people. I have been enjoying this app for the past 2 days now and I like how well it works.

The app enables you to create stories that can be set for public and can be seen by those in your network. You images, texts along with videos in stories. You will find walls in which you can share your stories based on interest. It is also possible to create multiple walls that can be used as your personal spaces. You possibly can set each and every wall as private or public. (more…)