File Transfer Tool for iOS devices

You should know that there is a fantastic tool which enables you to do file transfer from an iOS device to a pc. Installing this tool helps you to improve your device’s utility. Some will cost you a few bucks while others will not cost you nearly anything, but you must know that such tools are created for convenience and mobility.

If you had ever installed certain file transfer apps, some will take a long time to do file transfer from iOS device to PC, some commonly find themselves in trouble in the middle; iTunes even erased my iPhone data. Here, IOTransfer is really important for you as an amazing iOS file transfer tool. It is better than iTunes which enables you to do what iTunes are unable to do.


If you had ever read this iPhone tips, you will know that File transferring from iPhone to PC just got faster and easier with IOTransfer as it provides an easy and fastest way to copy and also manage files through a file browser. Devices are not limited to a specific library as they are in iTunes. With IOTransfer you might have an iOS device connect with various laptops or computers whether it is a Mac or even a PC. With the features offered in IOTransfer it is easy to transfer and share any media or documents between your computer and your iOS device.

IOTransfer provides hassle-free and fast iPhone image transfer. All your images and photos in the albums can be transferred to your Mac or PC and saved as backups. Also, you can even import any images from your computer or laptop onto your iOS devices. IOTransfer can really help iOS device users to sync favorite songs from PC to iPhone iPad or in reverse without sacrificing data of your iPhone. They can also utilize it to make playlist on iPhone, add/delete iPhone music, and edit artists’ details, and so on.

The IOTransfer interface is attractive and easy to use, which make it easy to complete file transfer perfectly. It is a great application for organizing the file on your iOS device.



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