Disable the Lock Screen of Windows 8

grr32It is very simple and short trick to disable the lock screen of windows 8. This can be done by the two ways.

  1. Directly Disable the Lock Screen of Windows 8

The lock screen can be disabled directly. You just have to download this zip file “DisableLockScreen” and open it in your computer.

You will see there are two registry files in the zip folder. Click on DisableLockScreen.reg  to Disable the lock screen of windows 8 and click EnableLockScreen.reg to enable it.

2.  How to disable the lock screen Manually

  • Type regedit in search as shown below and hit enter.
  • After this Navigate to the following registry key:


  • If you do not see the Personalization key, right-click the Windows key above it, point to New, and create a key named Personalization.
  • Right click on the right side and create a new DWORD value named NoLockScreen.
  • Double click on NoLockScreen and and type 1 in value data as shown here.

Now click OK. Close it and you are done. You don’t have to restart the computer. To enable the Lockscreen screen just type 0 in place of 1 and save it.

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