How to Disable Startup Program and Boost up Windows Speed

jki990If you are curious about your pc/laptop speed then you should have knowledge about some of the tips and tricks to maintain its health. Speed matters a lot to me and I think it matters to you also. So, today I will tell you “how to increase your widows startup speed and somehow overall speed of your system by closing some of the programs that are executed on windows startup.

When you install a new software or app in your system then some of them automatically execute on the startup of the windows. It means every time you starts windows, the software will automatically start. Due to this the windows takes more time to boot. Some of the examples of these type of software are: adobe reader, Skype etc.

You all know, We don’t need Skype and Adobe Reader every time while computing. If we need these software then we can start manually. So, it is necessary to disable startup programs.

Follow these steps to Disable Startup Programs:

  •  Click on Start button.
  • Type msconfig in search and hit enter. A new window will appear.
  • Now click on startup. Here is the list of programs that are executed on windows startup. So, disable the unwanted programs and hit apply and ok.
  • You are done now. Restart your pc and feel the difference.

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