How to improve Alexa Ranking of your website quickly

kjii8Every new blogger definitely asks this question “How to improve Alexa Ranking of your website quickly“.Here is the answer:

Alexa is a website owned by Amazon which uses certain parameters like number of visits, time spend by visitors etc. to rank other websites on the internet. Alexa rank plays a vital role in the advertisement field. Most of the visitors and advertisers judge your website on the basis of Alexa rank.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

This is one of the important point to increase Alexa ranking. You should install Alexa toolbar in your browser because Alexa determines the rank of your website on the basis of visits of people ( and your also) that have the Alexa toolbar installed. And ask your friends, followers and visitors to install Alexa toolbar on their browsers.

2. Claim your website on Alexa.com

So, the second step is claim your website on Alexa.com. Go to the website, sign up there and add your website. This step plays a crucial role to increase Alexa ranking of your website and helps to  improve your website’s image towards Alexa.

3. Add Alexa widget on your website

It is a healthy trick to install Alexa widget on your website. This helps to improve Alexa ranking and it also helps advertisers to know about your website.

4. Quality Content

Here Quality matters not the Quantity. It is the quality of your content and posts that attracts users to come again and check your website. So, to increase website traffic and improve Alexa ranking, it is very important to write quality articles in your website. One more thing that you should keep in mind, Never copy the content from other websites. It creates an adverse effect on your website traffic and ranking.

5. Write about Alexa

It is very essential part to improve Alexa ranking. After doing all the upper steps, you should write an article on Alexa consisting link to Alexa’s website. Also there are a lot of bloggers searching for these article have Alexa toolbar. So, it helps to increase website rank and traffic.

6.   Get Quality Backlinks

Comment on other blogs with high Alexa rank and Page rank and get quality Backlinks for your website.  Participating in forums and writing a guest post also helps a lot to improve Alexa rank of your website.

7.  Daily Update your website

Google and Alexa both loves fresh content. So, it is necessary to update your content daily. Fresh content also increases the possibility of faster indexing of your website in Google.

8. Use social networking websites

Last but mot least… You should use social media networking website to increase your site’s traffic. You can add sharing plugins and Facebook like page widget, Google+ follower widget on your website. Increase in traffic = increase in Alexa ranking.

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