5 Tips for Beginners to Design a Custom Logo

kjhnhhIf you are a beginner designer and wants to create a custom logo design, then here are five awesome tips that will help you a lot.

  1. Know The Brand

Before designing the logo for any brand or the client whose brand you are working on, it is mandatory that a logo designer must gain enough knowledge about the brand or the clients, for designing the appropriate emblem for them. One might think why is it necessary to know about the brand, but it is like cooking a meal without knowing for whom you are preparing for, it is not like that you will serve a caramel pudding to a diabetes patient. So having the knowledge about the clients and the brand is essential for designing the perfect logo for them.

  1. Select The Theme

Once you know for whom or which kind of industry or client you are working for, then it will easy for you to select the appropriate them for designing the logo for them. There are many online logo makers that offer a vast quantity of the templates for designing, where logo designers can create an attractive emblem according to the theme and can also avail logo design free download.

  1. Sketch It First

So, after you are done selecting the theme for your logo design, it is time to draw it. The sketching part might get you confused that why to sketch it first rather than directly design the custom design. It is okay for the beginner designers to have this question in their mind. The main reason for sketching the logo design first on the paper is that it will give you a rough idea that how the logo will look like once it is created on the logo make.

Another advantage of having the sketch made first is that you can show this to the clients and if they want to make any alterations, then you don’t have to reconstruct the whole thing again on the tool, and you can easily make changes in the sketch and later create it on the tool.

  1. Keep This in Mind; You Must K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Make sure you don’t overload your design with too many ornamentations and beautifications. Keep it simple as much as you can. Also, don’t make the design too trendy, as it will start looking outdated once there will be a new trend in the market. Keep it simple and classic!

  1. Choose The Right Colors and Fonts

Since every color depicts a different meaning, do not get puzzled while picking the right colors. Also, make sure the typography you are selecting is not too bold, stylish or way too casual for the theme of the brand.

Source: https://logoverge.com/logo-design-tool/

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