High-quality connectivity

fhfdgdThe customer is the basis of any company and, therefore, the philosophy is aimed at a total adaptation to the objectives and needs of each of them, offering a personalized and flexible service. Accessing the Internet with quality during an event is no longer a difficult need to solve, nor a luxury within the reach of only a few. During an event, the availability of broadband Internet access in free or paid mode is an essential element for both the organization and for all types of attendees. The use of mobile devices and access to content in real time is an inescapable necessity for wifi event.

Wherever you go, by wifi event we put at your disposal powerful and innovative solutions for occasional access to the high capacity Internet, adapted to each type of project, for hours, days or weeks. Broadband and connection infrastructure by us are at any scale and anywhere that we have for conference internet service. We have extensive experience as a WiFi provider for large and medium-sized events. We have provided support for numerous types of events and we have experience in multiple spaces. Whether it’s a trade fair, conference or any other type of large gathering, indoors or outdoors, the demand for a reliable wireless network remains consistent throughout. Event guests need a reliable Internet connection now more than ever, especially in large event rooms where 3G or 4G coverage can be unreliable at best.

At us, we have experience in all types of sectors, both in the public and private sectors for conference internet service, as well as in projects of different sizes, which gives us a broad perspective of what each solution requires, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction with the service. Within our client portfolio, we have fundamental branches where we have achieved greater specialization with total security.

Commitment to quality and optimal service wherever needed

Our Internet connection service does not just end there, but we offer many more functions and features, so you can have your bandwidth under control at all times, managing it as you need at any time and in total security. The term Wifi hotel sounds like access for hotel guests, conference attendees, and internal services, that is, we do not have control over those who can access that network where our information also travels if we connect to it, there could be hundreds of users. The term Wifi for events can be defined to a much more controlled section and if it is the case of having a portable wifi we can have total control over those who connect to it and hence greater security for our event.

Our Wifi rental service for events is available for all of Spain, is the cities with the greatest demand for WiFi installation the ones indicated above, we do the delivery and collection of the equipment (wifi rental) where the client tells us, usually in their offices and directly at the place where the event will take place.


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