TUBBR – The World’s First Personal Social Network

kjhgfTUBBR is a new social networking app which is available for iOS and android. TUBBR can be your favorite social networking app in which you can share your stories with selected people or even groups of people. I have been enjoying this app for the past 2 days now and I like how well it works.

The app enables you to create stories that can be set for public and can be seen by those in your network. You images, texts along with videos in stories. You will find walls in which you can share your stories based on interest. It is also possible to create multiple walls that can be used as your personal spaces. You possibly can set each and every wall as private or public.


Public wall is usually seen by everyone and they also can interact in your public walls. Only the wall owner can post his or her stories while the followers only can like, comment, or respond to the stories. It is also possible to post messages on the wall and allow yourself to have discussion with the other followers.

You can also find private walls that allow you to add particular people and share y your post only to be seen by them. The person included in the private wall will be able to contribute to the wall. It is similar to Whatsapp groups. For instance, you create a separate private wall for your loved ones in which you will be able to share things with those within your family members and another for your co-workers or classmates and share post, images and videos on that wall related to your workplace or class.


As it is an interest-based personal social networking app it enables you to create public or private walls based on your interests. You will find some interesting walls posting amazing content about food , pets , travel , and others . The app makes it possible for you to find like-minded good friends having similar interests.

TUBBR is has become an enjoyable platform which enables you categorize discussions based on your interest. It minimizes untidiness on your Feed, as one can make different Timelines/Walls. It also ensures that you are not expected to follow any one niche! You can still showcase and explore all your interests by creating separate Timelines without puzzling your audience!

Here’s the app download link: https://kgu5g.app.goo.gl/rBUc
(or find TUBBR on Google Play Store & App Store)

You can create your account using TUBBR ACCESS CODE: NLCE98

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