5 common mistakes when building a website for your business

dfhdhThe online business is increasing fast and clients and customers who would like to purchase products and services online expect some websites to include design and technology which makes the entire shopping easy and trouble free. If it’s not, they will often go for other options and never go back.

As I have learnt from wisesmallbusiness.com , I want to share my knowledge about  5 common mistakes to avoid when building a website for your business:

  1. Your Site Takes Too Much Time to Load.

When a potential customer visits your business website, you will have one possibility to immediately display the good thing about your product or service. The web-based retail industry’s ideal load time is 2-3 seconds, but the normal load time for new website visitor to a retail website’s home page is around 7 seconds. More sluggish load times on websites are often triggered by images which are too large or nonessential complex webpage build structures.

  1. No Images.

Images of the products and services are a really important component of selling online as they are typically overlooked. Your product or service images must be the highest resolution ones, without effecting the webpage load time. Preferably the product can be displayed with multiple views. Dynamic imaging features will maximize the user experience to considerably higher level by improving interactivity with capabilities like zoom and rotate.

  1. Your Product Or Service Are Difficult To Find.

This is certainly one of most significant factors for any business website. All related content must be more than 3 clicks from the homepage. Your site must have compelling and readable text with orderly hypertext links to ensure website visitors can find just what they are trying to find easily. Also, your site must include a search function that can search the product you offer on your site.

  1. Your Product Or Service Are ‘Below The Fold”.

All the essential content and website navigation options must be in the top half of the homepage, generally known as ‘above the fold’. The homepage is the central page for your site. It puts the initial sensation for the shopping experience and must display your best special offers to your website visitors.

  1. Your Potential Customers do not know the benefits of your products or services.

Your products and services must clearly define the benefits of how the products or services can make life better, easier, or safer for your potential customers. It should be the benefits that help promote products and services, not the features. A feature is exactly what the product does and a benefit is exactly what it does for the customers.

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