Facebook Spams Spreading Through Events Questions Chat and Messages

hyhyEvery new feature Facebook brings, is being used for spam increasingly each day. Be it Facebook Questions, Facebook Events, Chat or Messages. I receive at least 10 spam messages each day, thanks to my fiends who click on those tempting links and spread the spam messages further. It is about time people take control of their online lives and put on those spam proof vests.

Here is a guide on spotting email spam from a mile away. If you read and understand that post, you will have become well versed with spam patterns.

There is a certain pattern about spams on Facebook. You can easily spot the pattern as listed here.

– All spam messages call for action.
– All spam messages end with a link.
– Once you receive a spam message, you will receive many more of them with the same text.
– There is no further conversation on the messages you receive, and chances are the profiles sending them to you is not even aware of them.

The top four spams I received on Facebook over the last one months are:
The classic “did you see this?”-  haha did you see this yet? it’s pretty funny… see what you look like 20 years older, mine is HILARIOUS http://youin20yearz.info/ whoops sorry meant to send that to someone else.
How to get xxx points- yo , I found a way to get 750 credits hurry before the Trick is fixed.
all you have to do is go to this link and follow the directions http://4rf.com.facenet-com.info/?byw84
This page has been removed, so this is all I could pull- * invited you to the event “FRIENDS PLEASE SEE THIS EVENT! URGENT! ” 12:09am
Another one of those spam invites- * invited you to the event “Official App: See Who has Viewed your Profile?

Watch out for spam on Facebook as it is easier to spread than email spam and is dangerous by a much higher magnitude. If you spot a fishy looking link or message, be the first one to report it immediately and save the world from behind the trenches.

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