Share large files over email using Jetdrop

Sending large files via email will create a problem. To send a large file via email, the file will first must be uploaded to the mail server. To accomplish this, just add the file as an attachment. This is certainly the best way to share and send a file to a family, friend, or even a co-worker, if the file is a smaller sized one. Any files with a size of more than 50 MB might be very difficult to send as an attachment. You can send the file, but you will find some issues.

At first, as it takes a amount of time to upload the large file, the uploading will burden your email client. You can’t do anything whatsoever when the file is uploading. For big files, the process may take a few minutes. Additionally, the connection might be severed. When that occurs, you might need to upload the file from the very beginning. This issue is usually found, particularly in an overcrowded network.

You can find an alternative method to transfer large files. You can still transfer the files via Instant Messengers, or perhaps you may use a web based platform to do this. You can even upload the large files to a web server, and make it easy for the other to download the files without overcrowding the email queue and burdening the email client.

Jetdrop.net has created a solution. This site offers user friendly platform that can be used to transfer large files for free. The most interesting part is that you will find no limit to the number of files you will send and no limit to the number of recipients. Thus, you can transfer large files across cities, towns, countries without bringing any physical drive USB flash disk or external hard disk.

This service is secure and free to access and simple to operate for everyone.  Another plus point is that it doesn’t require you to create accounts before you can use this transfer file service, it just need a few clicks, upload the file, get the download link and then you can share the download link via email. This exceptional convenience makes jetdrop.net a must use for skilled internet users and beginners.

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