The best Navigator Cordless Mouse for 3D modeling

Not too long ago I asked some 3D modeling software users about their opinion of the most suitable Navigator Cordless Mouse for 3D modeling and which mouse they usually use and I got some good responses.

In fact I am not experienced when considering technical aspects of a mouse but I am still trying to find out the reviews, specifications, and response from 3D modeling users and I got the conclusion from their responses that SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse is the best Navigator Cordless Mouse available in the market.

I have realized that large mouse that fits perfectly in our hand is more comfortable to use. Dedicated keys for Zoom, Pan as well as other functions is an additional advantage but too many keys usually become an overkill except if you absolutely love a programmable mouse with many dedicated keys .

I own a lot of mouse, but nothing comes perfect with the build quality belong to the SpaceNavigator . This mouse is sensitive but not extremely and it has helped me much when working in 3D modeling and CAD software.

If you are a 3D modeler and designer then you must buy one now, if you’re a hobbyist like me you also must buy this navigator mouse. Check also compatibility with the software as it will not work with everything. You’ve certainly realized that this is not a plug-and-play input device, as Windows cannot recognize it unless you install the drivers. In addition to that, you must install the plug-in for each software that you will use.


I use SketchUp in my creation of 3D animations for art modules. I tried designing and modeling without this navigator mouse – and it was much slower, but when I used SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, the proces of modeling and designing become smoother. I’m satisfied with this purchase.

The SpaceNavigator is an excellent piece of input device, enabling quick and easy manipulation of drawings and models. The SpaceNavigator is the most affordable in the market. For an artistically novice individual like me, anything is needed to help me improve, and this surely makes it simpler and easier. It’s still early days, but this mouse has proven its benefit.

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