Extend the Life of Your Lithium-Ion Batteries

As time goes on, lithium-ion batteries always reduce their life. This particular degradation is very irritating. Nevertheless, this is often a positive thing in the view of mobile phone manufacturers. In fact, how can they easily sell fresh batteries when the outdated ones still work for years into the future. Nevertheless, it is possible to follow several easy tips in so that it will lengthen the life of such units. It will help you get the best of your mobile phone battery.

To begin with, you might want to safeguard your battery power from excessive temperatures. This is certainly more important as the units are increasingly being recharged. For instance, when your phone is charging but it includes a hot temperature, you really should take it off. In the same way, it is not recommended that you charge your mobile phone if the temperature is actually low.

The issue is that excessive temperatures can easily speed up the wreckage of all the components of such units. Consequently, you really should recharge your batteries if the temperature with the given range.

Another critical mistake to prevent is to ensure your battery is not really empty or even too full. Quite simply, be sure you shouldn’t discharge the battery under 20%. This is because it can put too much stress within the unit leading to weaken rapidly.

When your device is completely charged, you really should get rid of it. So, you might not want to leave your mobile phone charging in a single day. You might like to look for a charging routine which is hassle-free and also well suited for your mobile phone.

Thirdly, you might not need to fast charge and also discharge the device. Although these types of charges seem very handy, it may trigger your battery power to get hot, which will lead it to weaken. In the same way, you might not need to discharge the battery immediately. For instance, you might not want to run power-hungry app. As a result, you really should use a one-ampere gradual charger for your mobile devices. Last but not least, it is not recommended that you store the lithium-ion battery in the wet environment.

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