Tips For Increasing Engagement In Your Organization’s Open Enrollment Periods

The business world saw dramatic changes in 2019 as a result of COVID-19 and varying lockdown restrictions. One of the most drastic changes was the shifting of all full-time employees to remote work. Not only has this adaption proven to be difficult for employees amongst the hierarchy, but HR professionals in particular have had troubles with managing their employees’ benefits.

It’s no secret that the initial outbreak of COVID-19 set forth some serious anxiety over employees. So much so that they began disregarding their personal health and decisions related to their health benefits. Despite their employees’ unwillingness, organizations must continue to deliver this information to their employees. However, now they must do so digitally.

A digital approach isn’t exactly what organizations are used to, so creating a new tailored approach for these times is necessary. Rather than doing so on their own, organizations can work alongside expert providers of business process outsourcing solutions. These solutions are key in boosting employee engagement throughout open enrollment periods.

Highly Interactive Approach

Things are not how they once were in regards to open enrollment. A new way of doing things has swept the business world as a result of COVID-19. New strategies are required to ensure employees are remaining covered. A remote workforce requires an open enrollment process that utilizes the technology in place, while simultaneously offering virtual guidance every step of the way.

Of course, the first step remains true. Adequate delivery of all source materials is necessary for employees to remain in-the-know regarding their organization’s policies. Digital delivery is now required, so organizations will have to adapt accordingly. Once distributed, employees should be made aware of additional steps to follow.

These steps will lead to the employees’ opportunity to enroll online. This can be tricky, as many employees will not have done this ever before. The right partner will provide live guidance for each employee throughout the enrollment process, whether it be through a live-chat service or video conference. Simplifying the process is their number one priority.

Conduent continues to serve as one of the premier leaders in BPO services. They have improved a number of organizations’ open enrollment processes. Their expertise, coupled with the cooperation of your organization, can result in a substantial increase in enrollment. For more information on how Conduent can improve your employee engagement in your open enrollment process, be sure to review the infographic coupled alongside this post.

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