What is an automated manifest system

AMS is an Automated Manifest System that was introduced in 2004 and is used by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The system transfers and verifies cargo data. The aim of the system is to reduce security threats to the US.

Functions of AMS

Shipments that enter the US via air or ocean require detailed cargo declarations. The AMS shipment tracking system is used to relay this information. This data must be provided by forwarders and airlines at specific times and is registered via the AMS system. The system provides and records data about the arrival and release of cargo. All goods must be declared 24 hours before the goods leave the loading port.


Loads that arrive in the US without prior notification will be returned to the place of origin at the expense of the sender. Additionally, a fine of $10 000 will be issued for each violation of documents and deadlines which are not met.

Important information includes:

  • Full names of the sender and recipient.
  • Hazardous material code.
  • Details of the port where goods are loaded
  • Ship name, SCAC code, voyager number, and country of documentation.
  • Last port details before entering the US.
  • Container number.
  • The exact name of the commodity, its weight, and number.
  • Data of the foreign port where good are heading.
  • The planned date of arrival of the cargo and which US port it will arrive at.

Global logistics automation is projected to grow by 12.4% in 2028. And, worldwide sales of warehouse automation technology are expected to reach 22.4 billion dollars by the end of 2021.

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