Darkcoin has been Rebranded to Dash

Darkcoin has made the decision to rebrand themselves as Dash in order to disassociate it from the illicit activities of the dark web.

Darkcoin is the anonymity focused cryptocurrency is set to change their name to Dash so that they are able to represent their platform better and to make it more accessible to users.

Evan Duffield, the lead developer of Darkcoin has said that this change has come about in part because of the unwanted association with dark web.

It has never been the goal of Darkcoin to support the dark web; the goal was to fix all of the problems that have plagued bitcoin since the beginning and to create a decentralized, private, trustworthy and fast payment platform.

Dark web is a section of the internet that requires specialist software tools to access. It was originally designed to protect privacy and has often been associated with illicit activities.

This is often confused with deep web, which is in fact a large section of the open internet not indexed by search engines.

It then became apparent to Darkcoin that their branding was getting in the way of their mission, so they started to look at ways to rebrand. They believe Dash, which stands for digital cash is a great representation of who they want to become.

They also said that they are just changing their name and no technology will be affected. The coin, the blockchain and the team will be the same.

Darkcoin has become popular on the dark web because of its advanced privacy features and fast transaction times.

The technology has wider applications than the dark web. It has been praised among the cryptocurrency community for overcoming many flaws that come with bitcoin.

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