How Can You Benefit from Facial Expression Detection Software?

Facial expression detection software has been gaining increasing popularity among both smaller and enterprise level companies from all over the world. As the name itself suggests, the technology makes it possible to determine basic feelings and emotions of people. What exactly is face emotion detection and how can you benefit from it?

Face emotion detection – what is it?

Face emotion detection is the process of using artificial intelligence to detect human emotions and non-verbal responses to various messages. Such emotion analysis helps companies to check if their products or services meet the expectations of the target group. The process is conducted with the use of face detection technology that makes it possible to evaluate the sentiments on a human face and gather information concerning real-time human responses.

All this can be done because each facial expression and emotion activates different facial muscles, and causes contractions that allow artificial intelligence algorithms to determine feelings of the person in question.

What emotions can the tools detect?

Facial expression detection software is able to recognize basic facial emotions that are characterized by specific expressions. These include:

  • Happiness – when we’re happy, we raise corners of the mouth and eyebrows,
  • Surprise – when we’re surprised, we raise eyebrows, and upper eyelids,
  • Anger – when we’re angry, we pull our eyebrows down, open eyes widely, and purse lips together,
  • Sadness – when we’re sad, but we try to hide it, we usually smile, but our lip corners are pulled down, and our eyebrows are pulled together.

Top applications and benefits of facial expression detection software

Face emotion detection can be used by companies to gauge customers’ moods and reactions. Enhancing people’s experiences is the cornerstone of business growth, therefore, it’s worth using available technology to obtain valuable information and implement necessary modifications.

Apart from market research, facial expression detection tools can be employed to:

  • evaluate job candidates during interviews and check if they’re really interested in the offer,
  • pre-evaluate marketing campaigns to ensure that they evoke the desired feelings in the customers, before actually launching the campaigns, and burning the budget,
  • analyze emotions of students to improve the teaching style and materials,
  • check if video games, products, or services evoke the right emotions in the customers.

The takeaway

Facial expression detection software is cutting-edge technology that can benefit various industries and sectors, from education to video games. Considering the importance of non-verbal communication, it’s a great tool for improving customer satisfaction and user experience.





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