The benefits of TTSPY phone tracker for your family

lkjhyIf you have installed a tracker app in your phone or you are planning to install it, there will be several reasons for doing this. Maybe you are a business owner, a government spy, a protective parent, or even a member of a group who just want to keep tabs. I highly recommend installing TTSPY phone tracker app. No matter what your reason about phone tracking, you will certainly find ways to use it, and you can find some benefits when installing this phone tracker app. Listed below are some of them.

You will be able to monitor continuously all your family members. This shouldn’t always be a “trust” concern, but more like a safety and security issue. When your kids hasn’t arrived home after having been delayed for several hours , or your wife or husband hasn’t called the house from a shopping mall for several hours , the screen of the phone tracking app will accurately show you exactly where they are , within just a few seconds . (more…)

HELMET VISION conducting virtual learning space at a school in England

Helmet vision VRImmersive technologies in Virtual reality continue to improve in education, allowing new forms of lessons across many different subjects and disciplines. Educators, students, and learners can enjoy the benefits of VR devices in education.

A few weeks ago, HELMET VISION has conducted an experiment in some schools in England. This experimental learning involved some VR headsets brought into schools, libraries, and also museums, with the purpose to better understand how students, teachers, as well as various institutions are able to use VR for learning and distant collaboration.

This experiment focus on educating teachers as well as other practitioners, as learning the VR technology is an important step in building and scaling a program of long term impact and value. This experiment has gathered useful evaluations and lessons learned, particularly around the different needs of various institutions (more…)

VR Real Life Offers a New Web Directory for Virtual Reality Allowing Producers to Get Paid

vr realVRRealLife.com is offering a new online directory for virtual reality videos and information on VR. It serves as a rich platform and gathering place for enthusiasts, businesses, video producers and more. The site also gives video producers an important way to monitize their videos by including their site or social media link below videos and comments.

Membership to www.VRRealLife.com is free. The platform furthers its own interests by placing their site link below each video. Virtual Reality is a very hot topic among audiences everywhere. The site has been growing quickly as it offers a constantly expanding directory of videos covering just about every industry. (more…)

Where to download Jackpotjoy mobile app

The Jackpotjoy app is available in many places. Based upon the device you have, you simply must visit the mobile store that actually works with the smartphone and tablet. Downloading the Jackpotjoy app to your smartphone or tablet normally takes a few seconds. After you have installed the Jackpotjoy mobile app you can start opening your new account if you want to be a member or sign in if you are an existing member to start playing Jackpotjoy anywhere and anytime.

For iOS users, Apple iPhones , iPads , and also iPods, just visit the Apple app store on the home page . Type ‘Jackpotjoy’ into the search bar and then press enter. (more…)

Smartphone repair service in Navarre, FL

fgtrrMany people prefer to repair their smartphone instead of disposing it and buying a new one. A single common reason for this is because of the media storage within the devices which are very essential for them.

If you are living in Valpariso, FL and Navarre you will find Sarge’s Smartphone repair. This store has repairmen who are well trained and certified when it comes to phone repair. The most common issues that the store has to deal with are cracked screens. This usually occurs to android and iOS smartphones such as Galaxy note, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPad and many others and the most important thing is that such issues can be fix with the proper skills .

The screen is a crucial part of a smartphone, especially in iPhone, when it gets cracked, you really should repair it in order to enhance its aesthetic look. (more…)