Government assisted programs

Lifeline is a government-assisted program that assists qualifying individuals from low income families to have access to affordable and reliable phone services. Individuals can qualify for the program based on federal or state-specific eligibility criteria. The program includes unlimited texting, free monthly data, and free monthly minutes.

Households are considered low income if the income of the household is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. In addition, (more…)

Founding A Company Culture Dedicated To Accountability

One of the most important cultural values for businesses to prioritize is accountability. A business and its employees’ accountability has an immense impact on how successful that business can be. This is made possible through employees willing to take that extra step and reach higher levels of productivity to contribute to their organization. This post will provide a more in-depth look at this corporate value and how organizations can develop and promote it.

Research conducted recently has indicated that the capability of managers to hold employees accountable is a necessary skill for the position. However, about 80% of managers’ report they possess “little to no” ability to meaningfully keep their employees accountable. (more…)

How Remote Employees Contribute To An Organization’s Liability

Is your business allowing employees to remain working remotely full-time throughout the tail end of the pandemic? Regardless of the amount, it’s likely that you do as remote work remains the safest option. Despite being the safest for the sake of each employees’ health, there are additional risks involved when it comes to remote employees that employers must be weary of. This post will detail a few of those risks and how to prepare for them.

Any benefit that comes as a result of transitioning employees to full-time remote work is met with a challenge. From a managerial perspective, there can be difficulty in keeping employees productive from their homes. (more…)

How The Online Retailing Industry Influences Lead Times

Lockdown restrictions continue to limit the way in which physical retail locations can service their customers. In these stores’ absence, online shopping has taken over. Shopping online has made for the safest and most convenient experience for consumers to get their hands on the necessities throughout the pandemic. Customers can browse through entire stock lists and compare products based on different features, competitor pricing and even customer reviews. These sorts of advantages have given online retailing the upper hand over the physical shopping experience. In fact, the growth of this industry in 2019, pre-pandemic, was staggering. Online retail spending was over $3.5 trillion dollars globally from a contributing 2 billion online shoppers. (more…)

5 Ways to Shop for the Right Business Internet Packages

When looking for the right business internet package, you need information and proper guidance. The business internet package you choose and use to a larger extent determines the efficiency and productivity of your venture. So, how do you shop for the right business internet package?

Find the Right Internet Service Provider

The business internet package you will utilize all depends on the service provider. The right internet service provider understands your needs and will guide you on the best package to serve you. When looking for internet bundles Easton, consider a reputable service provider. You also access other internet services when you have the right provider. (more…)

How a business can benefit from CISCO switches

Business will never be able to grow without the help of other closely relevant businesses. To ensure that businesses to get bigger, they must cooperate. Each business is trying to find each possibility to grow and for this reason communication is very important. Good communication can help the company to connect to other companies within and beyond the boundaries. That is why; smaller businesses may benefit a lot from connecting with other businesses situated beyond the regional environment. This can help to strengthen links beyond the boundaries, giving positive results to the business. Good communication enables the company to grow in areas where resources are readily available and labor is inexpensive.

Communication and technology

Advanced technology has played a significant role in helping individuals to stay in touch across borders. Businesses have been developed to communicate and expand to other countries. Video conferences, emails, chatting, online community websites among other platforms of communication have presented a major role in empowering interaction. Thus, when a customer is looking to get an opportunity to buy a product and service, they must send a message to the sellers or vendors showing their interest. (more…)