The benefits of TTSPY phone tracker for your family

lkjhyIf you have installed a tracker app in your phone or you are planning to install it, there will be several reasons for doing this. Maybe you are a business owner, a government spy, a protective parent, or even a member of a group who just want to keep tabs. I highly recommend installing TTSPY phone tracker app. No matter what your reason about phone tracking, you will certainly find ways to use it, and you can find some benefits when installing this phone tracker app. Listed below are some of them.

You will be able to monitor continuously all your family members. This shouldn’t always be a “trust” concern, but more like a safety and security issue. When your kids hasn’t arrived home after having been delayed for several hours , or your wife or husband hasn’t called the house from a shopping mall for several hours , the screen of the phone tracking app will accurately show you exactly where they are , within just a few seconds . (more…)

How to access the Pirate Bay when your ISP blocks it

hytyddThe Pirate Bay is a search engine platform for torrent files. It grew to become very popular a long time ago, as a means of discovering torrents and magnet links which are up-to-date and could be downloaded easily in a torrent downloader. But, its worldwide recognition was mostly because that it made it quite easy to find links to unauthorized files, such as files or content that violates copyright laws in some countries.

Is The Pirate Bay safe?

The Pirate Bay itself is only a site. It doesn’t sponsor any content or even display ads and so, in the countries that allow you to access it, it’s safe. In the countries where it is blocked, there are some proxy’s sites that mirror the Pirate Bay original site but they are usually different in IP address. It’s extremely hard to say that all the proxies are risk-free — these are in general, but there might be some that contain adware or even malware.

There are some factors to consider. Although The Pirate Bay itself might be safe, the torrents as well as magnet files that appear in the search results might not be. Those files are made public on a peer-to-peer basis — they’re created and hosted by people on their own computers, and not be hosted centrally at some place. So they are totally unregulated. It’s possible that after you click a magnet link to download a file, you might be downloading a harmful file. (more…)

Facebook Spams Spreading Through Events Questions Chat and Messages

hyhyEvery new feature Facebook brings, is being used for spam increasingly each day. Be it Facebook Questions, Facebook Events, Chat or Messages. I receive at least 10 spam messages each day, thanks to my fiends who click on those tempting links and spread the spam messages further. It is about time people take control of their online lives and put on those spam proof vests.

Here is a guide on spotting email spam from a mile away. If you read and understand that post, you will have become well versed with spam patterns. (more…)

How IT support companies can help your business

gheykThe need for IT support started to be clear as almost all businesses today rely on the internet to get connected, exchange data, and run their business. Many companies have many branches outside their area and have many offices in many countries. Outsourcing also brought the demand for excellent local IT support companies. As most of services are outsourced, a reliable and powerful local IT support is necessary to guarantees the smooth business operations. (more…)

Why Remote Data Recovery is the Best Solution for restoring damaged files

gssgIn times of file systems getting corrupted and data loss, you will need to find services to recover the crucial data of your business. Some time ago, the only way to restore data is to assess it with software or programs installed in the computer and recover whatever it could. The backup space for storage might be simply by using some hard disk as well as other storage media. Nevertheless, nowadays you will find remote data recovery that offers more reliable online support to business which is suffering from corrupted files or even defective hard disk drive.

The conventional way is spending a longer time and much cost when compare with to remote data recovery. Once damages occur, the conventional method of fixing it will spend more time with diagnosing and analyzing the issue. We can do our best to retrieve the files but without any experiences, it might result in more loss. It will bring you to waste more costs in buying hard drives or even devices that can be repaired earlier. Via online, the best technicians will always be ready over the phone call. With Internet access, most diagnostics can be accomplished in reduced time when compared with to the conventional way of restoring data. In addition, such technicians are highly skilled and trained to deal with problems and issues regarding the corrupted file and irretrievable data. You will get ground-breaking report on file structures and data required to be restored or saved.

Salvagedata uses advanced technology and qualified technicians to let them regain data on your laptop, desktop and server via online. This Remote Data Recovery service is a great solution particularly for server recoveries as you do not have to dismantle and send out your hard drive or storage media for service – which is often very risky for recoveries due to security, safety, and also delivery costs. This also removes delivery time which is important for urgent need of data recovery.